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BrandsDragon Consumer Electronics Gadgets

BrandsDragon is a one of the world’s leading wholesale consumer electronics gadgets supplier. We supply thousands of high quality items directly from the manufacturers, and provide a positive buying experience, complete with professional sales representatives, QC (quality control), efficient shipping carriers, etc. You can choose from our constantly updated range of cool electronic gadgets, including MP3, MP4 and MP5 players, mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders, tablet PCs and many other new electronics gadgets. Whether you’re buying one or two items for your own use, dropshipping to customers all over the world, or making a bulk order at wholesale prices, we’ll make sure you have a positive experience with BrandsDragon.

At BrandsDragon, we plan to sell more branded products from not only cool electronic gadgets but all kinds of goods. We will continue to focus on new electronic gadgets, while also providing free shipping for small consumer electronics. As a professional exporter, we export high quality goods from top manufacturers. Our goal is to provide high quality goods at competitive prices to our customers and partners such as eBay sellers, store owners and wholesalers. We believe in passing on our cost savings to our customers, so they can make a profit. Abiding by the principle of "high quality, satisfactory service and wholesale prices", we are striving hard to be a good business partner. We are convinced that if we work together, we will both benefit from the business between us.

Our mission:
1. To export high quality consumer electronics at competitive prices.
2. To work with our customers to help them build up their businesses.
3. To maximize our international buyers profitability and competitiveness.
4. To serve our customers’ purchasing needs in all respects.

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